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Established in 2014, 101 Zoos provides a holistic consulting service for zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, safaris, aquaria and marine parks, botanical gardens, interpretive trails, and science centers. Our work includes all aspects from zoological and operational matters to educational, interpretive and experiential consulting.


We offer a range of services - from the renovation and redesign of existing facilities to the planning and implementation of new projects. Working alongside your chosen architects, or our own partners, we deliver high impact design solutions.


As interpretation specialists we offer a variety of innovative and immersive methods in which to communicate scientific information to visitors.  We use the power of clear, creative design to engage visitor interest, ensuring a thought-provoking and enjoyable experience.


For zoos and animal parks, delivering exceptional animal welfare consistently enhances visitor engagement and experiences. We believe that immersive habitats better connect people to the needs of animals and the ideals of wildlife conservation and biodiversity. We design spaces built around the species' behavioral ecology, including dynamic mixed species exhibits, as well as exhibits that showcase urban ecosystems.


We have extensive experience in conservation policy as well as practical implementation both in and ex-situ, promoting green construction and a community-based conservation ethos for the protection of urban, rural and global biodiversity.


Our client base is diverse - including government decision makers, local authorities and regulators, private businesses and non-profit organizations.


  • concepts & masterplans

  • storylines and visitor experience

  • exhibit and service area design

  • review and critique of blueprints, construction and shop drawings

  • education plans including signage and education materials

  • scientific programs

  • evaluation of animal facilities

  • animal collection planning - including assessment of existing animal collections 

  • conservation planning - assistance with setting up national and international conservation collaborations ex situ and in situ

  • animal training plans

  • emergency/disaster procedures and plans

  • operations guidance, work procedures and strategy evaluation and planning

  • staff planning and training 

  • project management

  • regulatory procedures and compliance

  • animal husbandry and management

  • animal acquisition

  • introduction of animals

  • animal nutrition and feeding programs

  • development of animal enrichment programs and devices

  • staff training

  • development of protocols

  • development and supervision of scientific research

  • disaster management

  • international zoo organization membership application guidance

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