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Nicole Wexler

Nicole holds a bachelor's degree in law. Her professional legal career as a public prosecutor and legal advisor spans three continents. Nicole grew up in Namibia and South Africa with wildlife conservation as one of her basic childhood values. She became professionally involved in the zoo and wildlife conservation world shortly after moving to Israel where, as Director of Development at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, she led all fundraising activities for new exhibits, education programs and more. These included playing a major role in raising funding for Israel’s first $25 million aquarium facility. In addition, she led the process of writing the aquarium education plan as well as conceptual and visitor experience planning which included all educational signage planning, content and execution. She has extensive experience in dealing with vendors and service providers as part of project management. Nicole was also deeply involved in the marketing and education activities for both the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and the Israel Aquarium including content for magazine articles, website and social media; as well as the creation of a variety of educational videos, some of which are on permanent display within exhibits. For several years she was the Training Coordinator for the Israel Zoos Association and also served as the liaison between the Israel Zoos Association and the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Academy.

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